englightened healing & purpose alignment

Finding truth and authenticity first in ourselves is the key to growing in the direction of our dreams. 


The Mystery of Me: 
An Online Personal Development & Preparatory Program

We must first start with our own development. This online tool
gives you the opportunity...
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For questions & info on individual sessions, send a message with what your questions and growth goals and interests. 


Reviews from Individual Centering Clients:


Jai has a gift. 
“My work with Jai has enriched my life more deeply than what I can describe. The Akashic Records readings and intuitive counseling work I have done with her, has helped me feel more compassion and respect for myself and for others. Jai has comforted and nurtured my spirit when that was what I needed. I”
— Anonymous

I feel held, and I know that I am.

When I am working with Jai, I feel held, and I know that I am held. I can journey through my feelings and thoughts, I obtain clearer vision of the spiritual issues I am facing. Jai helps me see myself. She helps me sift through the layers of stagnation, let go of what I can and integrate what I need. She is a pillar of strength in my life. I think of her wise words daily, and remember her trust in the universe when I am unsure. My physical pain subsides, my inner critic calms and my heart remembers to love myself. Jai has taught me to trust my depth, and she has touched me deeply. I recommend her to anyone who is searching for healing with authenticity.  — Sandra

She helped heal wounds.

“Jai has a way of talking and listening about very tough questions and situations without becoming overwhelmed. She has helped me heal wounds that I have had with my former husband, daughter-in-law, son and brother. Jai has helped me to be involved in healing for my sister and my ancestors.”
— Anonymous



After you've centered, it's time to raise your vibration with others by joining a circle. Here are our current circles:

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