Reiki M/T, Psychic Medium, Akashic Reader and Death Midwife.

My focus is assisting Highly Sensitive Personalities and Empaths heal from trauma and step into their gifts through one-on-one personal healing sessions and group work through ritual and ceremony. My methodologies are a combination of energy medicine, ancestral healing, past life re-framing and archetypal empowerment. I also teach and guide others to claim their own healing gifts. My expertise is in healing from sexual trauma and navigating through grief. My education and work as an advocate and guide in reclaiming energetic principles, mysticism and indigenous healing techniques has spanned over 25 years.

Here is a bit more of my story and philosophy:

I am a wounded healer. My personal journey of childhood trauma propelled me to want to know how we heal. I started with studying the world’s religions and art which then led to psychology and sociology. Yet, after years of being let down by religion alone and western mental health practices, i left to go to the woods - i was trying to escape a wounded world and a wounded soul.

What i found was not escape, but a different path - one that incorporates intelligences that i was not taught in school. Through years of working with mystics and indigenous healers, I discovered i was walking the path of the Wounded Healer - one who sits with their own wounds in order to assist others on their own wound walk.

Those years in the woods and finding teachers who were hidden from the mainstream, led me to know and empower myself in a deeper way than ever before. These experiences taught me that western culture has left out an integral and inherent aspect of healing - accessing our spirit…the one who communicates with the unseen realms.

I have found that western society shames the wounded by making it a personal pathology alone. Yet, we live in a culture that is sick in spirit and it makes us sick, too. Nothing is healed through shame. There is a different way. One of remembering your gifts alongside your wounds and remembering who you truly are. Becoming your authentic self.

AWARENESS is remembering this different way to healing. It is the willingness to go to the root of your issue and begin to develop resilience.

HEALING is knowing there are two sides to every story and then there is the truth. There is the story of the wounds and the other is of our gifts. The truth is you cannot have one without the other. They are essential to each other. Healing is the connector of the two stories - the space where wounds are faced and medicine is claimed.

How can your wounds be your gifts?

The answer is learning to hold both stories. The wound provides awareness of what doesn’t work and the ability to have empathy for another. and the gift provides the ability to access medicine for a new way.

When you are able to hold the dichotomy of life IT IS harnessing resilience - the second step on the healing path and the way to self sovereignty - the ability to operate with our whole selves through utilizing all of our intelligences. .

ACTION is learning to walk these two worlds. the one of the physical and the non-physical. and healing is the connector of the two - the space where wounds are faced and medicine is claimed. It is my passion and mission to assist others in walking the two worlds. This is the ability to wound walk - facing our wounds to see the gifts. The result is resilience and compassion in order to assist and serve a broken world. It can be done.