Our Mission

As a company founded by team of empowered wild women - it is our mission to achieve social justice and restoration by empowering women around the world with a holistic, energetic practice for self-healing, transforming wounds, and self-actualizing from a state of empowerment.  

Energy is the source code of universal knowledge and it exists inside of us manifesting through our emotions.  As the world is experiencing a pandemic of acute, energetic and emotional obstruction, Energeia is building awareness through one-on-one energy work, creating circles for supported and guided healing, and actively crossing the threshold of a new event horizon with empowered women who have, at last, been able to fulfill their life’s purpose on a higher plane than the current social script could ever offer.

We welcome you to join our movement.

One-on-One Energy Education for Your Soul


Energeia is a self-healing practice rooted in a variety of wisdoms and techniques.  Taking in beliefs; ancient and new, mystic and scientific, indigenous and cosmic, it is your intuition that is the key to deciphering the healing path you're destined to walk. 

Work one-on-one with an Energeia Healer to serve as your intuitive guide. 

Shepherding Your Intuition

A path to emotional healing and self-empowerment

Begin by

granting yourself permission 


The journey within begins by granting yourself permission to reflect...  

Setting boundaries with the outside world


It's important to set boundaries with the outside world that distracts you from being in a state of self-reflection.  

Becoming in tune with your authentic self


As you establish your boundaries and begin to reflect, your true self will start to appear.

Seeing into the darkness


Like the owl sees into the darkness of night so can we see into ourselves.  Learn to delve into your own darkness and extract the emotional wounds that limit you.  

Understanding energy and chakras

"Every thought and experience you've ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells..."
- Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss

Embracing who you are with compassion and gratitdue 


Change - even when it's desired - can be difficult. Forging ahead with compassion and  gratitude will help you from turning back. 

Transforming your wounds


You are able to take control once you've seen your wounds for what they are and where they reside in your body.  Taking control is empowering, but the transformation can be painful, like resetting a broken bone, or dislocated joint.  Working with an Energeia Healer helps keep you aligned, while 'you-do-you'.  


Finding empowerment in transcendence and awakening


When you find yourself awoken and transcended it's time to harness the empowerment the comes with being on a higher plane, truly loving yourself, and knowing  your being has great purpose. 

commit to walking the healing path