“She nurtured my spirit.”

Jai has comforted and nurtured my spirit when that was what I needed. I can also count on her to challenge me with questions and to share her concerns about my behavior or thinking when that is best for my growth.   — Anonymous

"Heal the past."

I am amazed at her knowledge and Jai's skills. During Reiki treatments, her hands were hot with energy. She helped me heal the past and look positively towards the future. 

— Anonymous


When I was on the edge of the cliff and wanted to fly, Jai taught me how to use my wings. For over 18 years I suffered from anxiety. After working with Jai, I understood that my anxiety was my ability to feel another's energy.  As the energy enters my body, I was not equipped to process it, thus creating anxiety. After understanding my clairsentience, my anxiety has gone away.  Today, when I feel another's energy, I can direct it, and understand what is happening.  

What I thought was anxiety for most of my life, is now my gift. Being free from this anxiety has been truly life changing.  Working with Jai has changed the way I see the world. Forever thankful to her for illuminating a path that I wasn't allowing myself to see.  Jai offered loving guidance as I uncovered pieces of my life that need to be reconnected or released. 

Going through my spiritual awakening has been a difficult and beautiful time. When I said yes to following my intuition, my life opened up. Jai did not solve my problems, but she was there as a healing connector so I could see my problems and have the courage to accept them, change them or release them. She led me to the spirit world, within a safe sanctuary, and I was able to see myself for the first time, clearly.   - Tiffany


"An Incredible leader.”

I first found out about ENERGEIA through working with Jai with the Empowerment Birth Summit.  She is an incredible leader, who gets things done and I knew I wanted to work with her and her programs.- L. G.

"I highly recommend the Empowerment Writing Circles."

I highly recommend Jai and Alesha's Empowerment Writing Circles around grief.  I found myself looking forward to it every week. They created a safe space where I could go and feel comfortable addressing my grief through creativity.  The writing that we created really spoke to me.  And I felt our discussions helped me on my journey toward healing.  I am extremely grateful to these women for this opportunity!    -Theresa, Iowa City

Jai has an incredible gift, and has been a key part of my journey to find peace and purpose in this life. In session, Jai was compassionate and professional. She made me feel comfortable exploring different parts of who I am in a safe, trusting space. Our sessions and her encouragement to explore journaling and writing after helped me into what I can only explain as a positive breakthrough in my life. Jai is a true healer and I am grateful to have the chance to spend time with and learn from her.  - Lindsay

Jai's guidance has helped me understand the grief associated with traumatic events in my life and has empowered me with the ability to heal myself without medication. As I work with Jai I am continually learning how to feel and process my emotions in a way that lets the energy generated through them release in a natural and healthy way. I am a much happier and stronger person today because of the work Jai and I have been doing together. - Marie, Iowa City

Jai has a way of talking and listening about very tough questions and situations without becoming overwhelmed. She has helped me heal wounds that I have had with my former husband, daughter-in-law, son and brother. Now I love my life. There is no one whom I would rather be. I am grateful that Jai has helped me to learn, to grow spiritually and to heal more than I had imagined I could.

— Anonymous