passionate radical

passionate radical

Jai Hendrix Westgard

Founder / Researcher / Healer

Jai practices one-on-one personal healing. Her metholdolgies are a combination of Reiki, Akashic reading, and archetypal shifting. She is an Advocate for the Erotic in healing, and has also led group meditation and grief work circles. Her education and practice has spanned two decades. 

horse geek

horse geek


Gypsy Dolgos

Storyteller / Scientist / Feminist

Gypsy Dolgos has been certified as a  Clinical Laboratory Scientist by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists for more than 30 years. She is especially fond of the microorganisms that coexist with us in our bodies and environment.

Since 1993 Gypsy has also been a student of mysticism through many channels. A certification course in massage therapy led her to Reiki master attunement, and she further followed her curiosity to study meditation, tantric practices, religious ritual, and the use of entheogens. In the late 1990s Gypsy helped guide the US military branches toward embracing witches and other alternative spiritual practitioners within the ranks, opening the way for granting them full and equal access to pastoral resources in life and death.

She has recently come to focus on the overlap of the intellectual rigor of medical science with the spiritual healing practices of the mystics.


Our mission is to create a platform for possibility. By reclaiming and connecting the mystical, scientific and folk traditions of the world, we will co-create a platform for walking the sustainable communal path of awareness, healing and action.

We are a collaborative space with individual practitioners, advocates and educators who are aligned with this mission and seek to uplift, educate and transform our Earth community both locally and globally.


Who do we collaborate with? Who do we trust?


Energeia is a concept first described by Aristotle. Click to read more.